Art of Film – A Way of Architectural Communication

Tomme: LV (LIX) | Fascicle: 4 | 2009
Pages: 81-88
Abstract text:
The art of film, the most popular art of the 20th century, can represent for architecture a means of teaching and promoting its specific values, an inspirational source and a good example of efficient and accessible cultural communication. The architecture presents many resemblances with the world of film regarding the concept and space exploring for communicating some ideas or concepts. Both film and architecture have narrative qualities, work with the world of illusions and representations and compose various elements in order to carry on certain significances. The film makers are making available the suggestive and semantic potential of architecture to render states and attitudes, to outline certain meanings or to emit opinions and comments on political, psychological and social issues.
Key Words:
Acessible and efficient cultural communication; resemblances between architecture and art of film; space and light as vehicles of meanings; spatial stories; spatial show; illusion; emotional atmospher

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Author(s) Information

Liliana Petrovici
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, Jassy, Department of Architecture.

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