The Earthquakes and the Tsunami of 1755 and 2004 – Historic Accidents?

Tomme: LVI (LX) | Fascicle: 3 | 2010
Pages: 107-120
Abstract text:
This paper is about the interpretation of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake as a historic accident. The paper is divided in two main parts: the commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake in 2005 and the reaction to other times, as today. Especially a comparison is highlighted, the reaction to the 2004 Sumatra earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami in 2005 and today, as, contrary to what happened immediately after, the 2004 event did not cause a discourse. Also compared to other historical events mentioned, the Lisbon earthquake remains the only historic accident, and one of the birth dates of modernity. Some key aspects are discussed, as the issue of ruins, or of rebuilding, in context of the 18th century and today. Overall, the accent lays on the view from the Humanities, not of earthquake engineering, and reviews such views at the events and publications about the earthquake.
Key Words:
Lisbon,1755; Sumatra,2004; anniversary; historic accident.

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Author(s) Information

Maria Boştenaru-Dan
Affiliation: ERGOROM’99 Foundation, Bucharest and „Ion Mincu” Architecture and Urbanism University, Bucharest.
Email: Maria.Bustenaru-Dan@alumni.uni-karlsruhe

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