New Elastic Partition Walls

Tomme: LVIII (LXII) | Fascicle: 2 | 2012
Pages: 139-146
Abstract text:
Acoustic requirements of internal partition elastic walls is achieved by a judicious design which takes into account the amount, characteristics and location of these components in the wall structure. For this purpose was designed a new type of elastic partition light wall with a role to improve sound insulation index (R). To meet acoustic requirements within residential buildings, buildings for administrative and technical activities, hospitals, schools, easy elastic partitions, ensure good behavior in airborn noise coming from inside the functional units of the same type and of the related.
Key Words:
acoustic requirements; elastic rubber pieces; reinforced densified plaster boards; noise reduction

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Author(s) Information

Gh. Colbu
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services

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