Wind Loads on Structures: Software Application. Part I: Buildings

Tomme: LVIII (LXII) | Fascicle: 3 | 2012
Pages: 165-178
Abstract text:
The evaluation of wind loading on typical buildings and structures is performed according to the regulations provided in wind standards. The evolution of wind codes follows the evolution of analytical and experimental research which leads to the development of the mathematical formulation in wind engineering. Thus wind codes have become less intuitive and more inclined towards automatic computation. In this context, there is a need for design examples and software applications in order to ease the use of wind standards and to offer a better understanding of the wind loading computation process. The paper introduces a software application created and implemented by the author for the computation of wind loads on structures based on the Romanian wind code NP 082-2004 (revised in 2011). The purpose of the software is to evaluate wind loads on typical structures such as multistory buildings, industrial buildings and steel lattice towers.
Key Words:
wind software; wind codes; multistory buildings; wind action

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Author(s) Information

Ileana Calotescu
Affiliation: Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

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