Sound Reduction Effects of Plastered Rock Wool Slab Façade Thermal Insulation Systems (I)

Tomme: LX (LXIV) | Fascicle: 1 | 2014
Pages: 137-146
Abstract text:
Insulating the exterior walls subsequently is one of the most important tasks at energy efficient modernization of old buildings. Depending on their material and structural design, the new layers can increase or decrease the sound reduction ability of the original supporting wall. If due attention is given for the protection against noise during the design, the plastered rock wool (RW) slab façade thermal insulation systems can result better sound insulation performance for the exterior walls in some cases, so they can increase the acoustic comfort in the rooms of buildings exposed to exterior ambient noise (coming usually from road transport). On the basis of the relevant features of the components of the complete outer wall, with the available detailed calculation method, the paper defines how the weighted sound reduction index of the original supporting wall can change, considered also the spectrum adaptation term suitable for road traffic noise. With help of praxis oriented characteristic structural parameters, it examines the options of the acoustic optimization, and the values of Δ(Rw + Ctr,50...5,000) which are available during energy and noise conscious construct. The first section describes the acoustic model, the calculation method, and the modifying effect under standard conditions. The second part will analyse the acoustic role of each ingredient, and the changes of the sound reduction at characteristic structural solutions. All formulas presented in this paper were developed by L. Weber in a semiempirical model based on a large number of measurements in building acoustic laboratories (Weber, 2013). The eqs. adopted in the paper lean on this source, however, modify the original relations somewhat.
Key Words:
building structure; exterior wall; façade heat insulation; rock wool slab; protection against noise; sound insulation; sound reduction.

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Author(s) Information

Lajos Kocsis
Affiliation: University of Pécs, Hungary

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