Experimental Study and Feasibility Analysis on Buildings Dual Heating System

Tomme: 63 (67) | Fascicle: 2 | 2017
Pages: 19-26
Abstract text:
This study examines the functioning of dual heating system in residential blocks in a centralized system and also with individual flat stations which imply difficulties involving management, verification and metering. This is due to the fact that common columns that circulate heat cross apartments disconnected from the centralized system. In Romania the tenants that are disconnected from the centralized system still pay the owners associations, heat resulting from the joint surface from the columns crossing their apartments. Also all these tenants pay a share of the same radiant area of the common columns traversing common areas of the condominium. This leads to errors of calculation of the radiant area and also errors of monthly maintenance value and finally to conflicts between the inhabitants who have central heating and those who use the centralized system .This aspect is aggravated by the lack of legislation that does not allow the use of dual system as well as the widespread use of cost allocators.
Key Words:
heating system; heat cost allocators; cost estimation

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Author(s) Information

Adrian-Alexandru Şerbănoiu
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services
Email: serbanoiualex@yahoo.com

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