Design and Analysis of Barbell Type Concrete Wall

Tomme: 66 (70) | Fascicle: 1 | 2020
Pages: 61-70
Abstract text:
Barbell type concrete wall is a typical section of designing concept for reinforcement curtailments and seismic failure of required ranges of magnitudes. It is resolve meet architectural concepts and as well as configuration of high raise buildings. Concrete wall improper design reinforcement arrangement is sudden failure in earthquakes disasters. Most of the analysis evaluation based on analytical wise possible otherwise not applications systems. But these paper fully evaluate updated design and of correct reinforcements curtailment in barbell type concrete walls.
Key Words:
design parameters; axial load combinations; section design; footing design

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Author(s) Information

Vijayvenkatesh Chandrasekaran
Affiliation: Department of Civil Engineering, St. Josephs College of Engineering and Technology, Anna University Chennai, India

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