Seismic Evaluation of Sandy Embankment Model

Tomme: LV (LIX) | Fascicle: 3 | 2009
Pages: 39-52
Abstract text:
Understanding of seismic force and its activity on embankment model by use of shaking table is one of the scientific method in controlling earthquake ability. In this work three types of subsoil under embankment have been constructed and in all models characteristics of embankments are constant and subsoil are created with three types of dense zone. The obtained results revealed types and time of collapse has direct correlation with dense zone and subsoil characteristics and if it is well arranged more controlled seismic force and lateral movement during the shaking of the system and it could be best, economic and shortest way of increasing embankment model stability.
Key Words:
Embankment model; seismic force; horizontal dense zone; vertical dense zone.

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Author(s) Information

Abdoullah Namdar
Affiliation: Mysore University, India, Department of Geology.

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