Short History

In 1946, due to the efforts of the leadership of The Polytechnic Institute of Jassy, supported by the well-known scientific competence, enthusiasm and devotion of the distinguished professor Dimitrie I. Mangeron, an independent scientific publication was founded. The new publication was named The Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy, and, since 1946, it has been known under the same name at national and international level. The Bulletin met the need to make known the results of the research carried out by the teaching staff and to facilitate exchange of scientific information with other scientific research teams. Since the very beginning, this publication opened its doors to researchers from Romania and abroad.

In the early years of its publication, the Bulletin published scientific articles, covering all the fields from Mathematics to Social Sciences. At the beginning, the Bulletin published articles both in Romanian and in other languages, but, in order to facilitate the wider dissemination of research results as well as facilitation of international research cooperation, it was decided that articles should be published only in international languages and the summaries in Romanian.

In 1969, in order to ease the exchange of specialized reviews from abroad, the Bulletin was divided in subjects according to specific areas. The section Construction. Architecture, was set up as a separate one since 1971.

The separation of the sections of the Bulletin according to specializations was necessary because of the growing diversity of the areas of the articles to be published. This action determined the development of the exchange scientific journals and magazines with prestigious universities from all over the world.

The relations with well known publishing houses has consolidated over time and thus they sent monographs and recently edited treaties for being reviewed in Bulletin. Afterwards they are registered in the library’s book fund. The number of exchanges with top universities has raised to 58 so far.

The high scientific level of the Bulletin is achieved by an International Publishing Board (beginning with 2005), which reunites scientific personalities from Romania and abroad. At the same time, the papers are reviewed by reviewers, carefully selected from our university teaching staff or from other international universities.

The published articles are the results of the scientific research of the authors, performed during their postgraduate activities within their faculties and by collaboration at scientific research projects at national and international level.

The Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy is an opportunity for exchanging research results and for establishing a link between the teaching staff, researchers, Ph. D. students, specialists in different areas that approach the above mentioned study directions. Thus, the Bulletin becomes a promoter of the interdisciplinary collaboration, promoting both the latest achievements in these areas and the development of new research areas.

Professor Nicolae Ţăranu, Member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists
Editor in Chief
“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Jassy
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services
Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering
43, Dimitrie Mangeron Blvd., Jassy 700050, ROMANIA
phone: 40 232 278 683, ext.1410
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