About Coloured Cold Asphaltic Mixtures

Tomme: LIV (LVIII) | Fascicle: 4 | 2008
Pages: 55-58
Abstract text:
The first coloured bitumen was obtained by using bitumen from Peru and then bitumen from the Middle East, with a low content of asphaltenes, also called "colourable" bitumens. The colours obtained by adding iron oxides led nevertheless to dark colours, due to the presence of asphaltenes. Nowadays the coloured asphalt is obtained from synthesis binders with translucent aspect. The colours are obtained by adding inorganic pigments, mainly iron oxide for red, chromic oxide for green, titanic dioxide for white. The properties and behaviour of the coloured bitumen during its lifetime are comparable with the ones of classic bitumen, sometimes even better.
Key Words:
Coloured Bitumen; Asphaltic Mixture; Slurry-Seal.

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Author(s) Information

Loredana Judele
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, Jassy, Department of Concrete, Materials, Technology and Management.
Email: ljudele@yahoo.co.uk

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