Evaluation of the Seismic Vulnerability for P+4 Residential Buildings from the Urban Area of Iaşi Using the Finite Element Method

Tomme: LVI (LX) | Fascicle: 4 | 2010
Pages: 97-110
Abstract text:
The analysis of the seismic vulnerability for a typical dwelling structure, existing in a developed urban area, subjected to repetitive seismic actions, is performed. This type of residential building is met all over Romania, making more than 50% from the total number of buildings constructed in residential areas, built between 1965 and 1985. The structure chosen for analysis is a P+4 building, made of precast concrete panels. This type of building was selected because many districts in Iaşi have been built using this type of project or similar ones, within the mentioned period. The deterministic approach for evaluation is based on modelling and numerical simulations using ETABS vs. 9 software. The methodology uses two types of numerical models. In the deterministic approach, for the first model, the building is considered in its initial state and for the second model in its degraded state, after the structure was subjected to more than two or three major earthquakes. The degradations of the elements were introduced taking into account nine scenarios, considering consecutively the structural elements and the walls with openings having different degrees of damage, from 30%, 60% to 90%. The obtained results study are used to classify the building structures based on their seismic risk and the degree of degradation, in order to fully comprehend and investigate the seismic vulnerability of the existing urban infrastructure.
Key Words:
seismic risk; Iaşi; precast panels; degradations.

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Author(s) Information

Ana-Maria Toma
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, Jassy, Department of Descriptive Geometry and Drawing.
Email: anamtoma@ce.tuiasi.ro
Gabriela M. Atanasiu
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, Jassy, Department of Structural Mechanics.
Email: atanasiu@ce.tuiasi.ro

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