State of the Art for Strengthening Masonry with Fibre Reinforced Polymers

Tomme: LVIII (LXII) | Fascicle: 2 | 2012
Pages: 97-114
Abstract text:
This paper addresses the modern strengthening techniques used for improving the earthquaqe behaviour of masonry structures, by aid of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP). These type of materials play an important role in the process of overtaking the tensile stresses which masonry by itself is not capable to resist. Also, they proved to have a very good bond strength, both for normal and tangential stresses, with respect to masonry units (fired clay bricks, concrete blocks) and mortar. Basically, the interventions on existing masonry may be concentrated in joints, starting with joints repointing or near surface mounted (NSM), reinforcing techniques, or may be applied on the entire wall or structure, mentioning here jacketing, post-tensioning or center core techniques. Even though structural repointing presents less influence in terms of strength to in and out-of-plane loading than overall applied techniques, their main advantage is represented by the possibility to preserve the original aspect of the masonry. More over, new strengthening materials developed, like fibre reinforced mortars and/or polymer modified mortars, which might successfully fulfill masonry structures requirements.
Key Words:
masonry; FRP strengthening

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Author(s) Information

Cristina E. Lanivschi
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services

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