Heat Transmission of Slab-on-Ground Industrial Floors with Vertical Perimeter Insulation

Tomme: LIX (LXIII) | Fascicle: 1 | 2013
Pages: 103-112
Abstract text:
The surface heat loss of slab-on-ground industrial floors that are vertically insulated along the footing wall (with the insulation reaching under the ground level), is closely linked with the relatively large floor area of industrial halls. To give a comprehensive heat transmission analysis, the present paper first provides an overview of the U-value requirements for such floors in Hungary and Germany. For the determination of the heat transmission coefficient of slab-on-ground floors with vertical perimeter insulation, the study offers an algorithm as a thermal design calculation method to be used according to the ISO 13370/2007 standard providing calculation methods for building elements in direct contact with the ground. Using practice oriented model parameters, the paper examines the U-values that can be attained by using thermally insulated reinforced concrete sandwich structure footing panels of a thickness of dn = 10...20 cm depending on the floor size typically between B′ = 10...100 m; based on this, the paper also analyses the specific features of thermal performances and it examines to what extent the heat transmission requirements can be met.
Key Words:
building structure; slab-on-ground floor; industrial floor; thermal protection; thermal insulation; heat transmission coefficient

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Author(s) Information

Lajos Kocsis
Affiliation: University of Pécs, Hungary
Email: kocsis@pmmik.pte.hu

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