Equivalent Viscous Damping for the Elasto-Plastic Hysteretic Model

Tomme: LI (LV) | Fascicle: 3-4 | 2005
Pages: 55-62
Abstract text:
The paper proposes some formulae to determine the equivalent linear parameters for spectral earthquake response of SDOF non-linear systems. The proposed formulae for the equivalent viscous damping and equivalent period are valid for the elasto-plastic hysteretic model and for earthquakes compatible with Eurocode 8 response spectra. This study is part of a research aimed to determine the equivalent linear parameters in order to predict the maximum displacement response for earthquake compatible with given response spectra, for different hysteretic models.
Key Words:

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Author(s) Information

Raul Zaharia
Affiliation: „Politehnica” University, Timişoara.
Email: -

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