Impact of Indoor Environmental Conditions on Students Intellectual Performance

Tomme: LX (LXIV) | Fascicle: 3 | 2014
Pages: 23-36
Abstract text:
indoor environmental quality on intellectual performance of students. In order to find out this, several experimental campaigns were necessary. During six tests the indoor conditions were changes from “ideal” comfort to high noise indoor space or low air quality. During each experimental test multiple volunteers students performed intellectual activities. For each test the indoor conditions (sound pressure level, illuminance, air temperature, CO2 level, etc.) were recorded with several equipments. Moreover, the students answered a small survey on the indoor conditions. It was found that low light level and low air quality have a significant impact on their performance that was reduced by 36%. During the test that simulated good indoor conditions most of the students (90%) answered all the questions in time and their performance was good.
Key Words:
indoor environmental quality; educational buildings; intellectual performance.

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Author(s) Information

Tiberiu Cătălina
Affiliation: Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest
Teodor Banu
Affiliation: Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest

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