Bond Behaviour of the Post-Installed Bundled Rebars Anchors with Cement Mortar in Hardened Concrete

Tomme: LXI (LXV) | Fascicle: 3 | 2015
Pages: 117-130
Abstract text:
An experimental study on the bond behaviour of the post-installed bundled rebars anchors into hardened concrete is presented. The bonding material is a fly ash Portland cement based mortar which was obtained by previous laborator studies and successfully used at the anchorage of the rebars. The bond behaviour of the bundled anchor is depicted by the bond strength, displacement of the loaded end at the control and failure load and also by the failure modes. A bundled anchor consists in three rebars which are tied by welding straps. The pull-out tests were performed according with the european standards. The results indicate a satisfactory pull-out behaviour somehow superior against an circular rebar anchor of equivalent cross-section area. The bundled anchor can be used for a ratio r between the diameter of the drilled hole and the diameter of the equivalent circular section of the anchor smaller than the ratio which was recommend by author in some previous studies, where rebars anchor of circular section are embedded into hardened concrete with cement mortar.
Key Words:
bundled anchor; rebars; fly ash; cement; bonding mortar

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Author(s) Information

Bogdan Roşca
Affiliation: „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services
Zoltán Kiss
Affiliation: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Civil Engineering

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