Evaluation of Alongwind Response and Crosswind Forces for Lighting Masts at Iaşi International Airport

Tomme: 63 (67) | Fascicle: 4 | 2017
Pages: 89-100
Abstract text:
Lighting masts are used for illumination of highways, airports or many types of platforms. Due to their slenderness, these structures are mainly sensitive to the action of turbulent wind and have a high potential of aeroelastic instability. The paper investigates the alongwind response of lighting masts by applying the 3D Gust Effect Factor technique to a real 30m high lighting mast located at Iasi airport. Results are then compared to those obtained using several relevant European wind codes. An evaluation of crosswind equivalent forces generated by vortex shedding on the lighting mast was also carried out. Results show the need of evaluation for cross-wind forces associated with superior mode shapes and the lack of interaction between vortex shedding and galloping.
Key Words:
lighting mast; wind loading codes; gust effect factor; alongwind-induced loads and effects; aeroelastic phenomena

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Author(s) Information

Valentin Gerald Rădăceanu
Affiliation: Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings
Email: valentin_bucuresti@yahoo.com

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