Office Building with Environmentally Adaptable Envelope. Case Study

Tomme: 64 (68) | Fascicle: 4 | 2018
Pages: 65-82
Abstract text:
The paper compares the energy performance of an existing office building - the ”Centris” Center in the city of Iasi – considering several solutions for the building envelope. The existing static envelope is successively modified by installing sets of dynamic solutions as follows: 1) mobile shading system with adjustable wooden blades, with and without insulation (aerogel), meeting the shading requirement, 2) 4-chamber ETFE air-cushions, replacing the existing glazing, that can inflate or deflate according to specific calculated periods, 3) integration of PV panels into the mobile shading system and PV cells into the ETFE air cushions. The results show that the optimal solution is to use ETFE air-cushions with PV cells for the transparent envelope surfaces, diminishing the heating and cooling energy demand by 85.22%, compared to the existing building. Also, by integrating a mobile shading system with PV panels, the energy demand is reduced by 66.48%.
Key Words:
energy efficiency; mobile shading; ETFE air cushions; PV cells; renewable energy

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Author(s) Information

Larisa-Georgiana Popa
Affiliation: Art&Facts
Mariana Brumaru
Affiliation: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

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